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Fully managed IT Support

Velox IT's Service Desk provides extensive support to your end users.​ We'll support your on-premises and cloud services, devices, operating systems and apps​.

Centered around your business

We strive to drive down costs, enhance scalability, and cultivate business success. Our approach is based on a well-structured and secure IT strategy, serving as a robust foundation for growth.

A team of experts

We're available whether you're at the office or working remotely. We take pride in ensuring that we get to know your company and its needs. Boasting swift response times and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, our approach combines speed with meticulousness, ensuring you get the best support.

Our proactive approach 

We're proactive, not reactive, when it comes to preventing IT problems. We strive to ensure such incidents from happening in the first instance. Velox IT will take charge of overseeing all your critical software and hardware updates, ensuring your systems operate more seamlessly and with enhanced safety and security over our watch.

Delivering our service

Our team concentrates on providing solutions that serve a real purpose for your organisation. We will guide you in determining what suits your business best, ensuring a smooth and effective transition as your organisation embraces new technologies and methodologies.

Let us help you save costs

Eliminating the necessity for on-premise IT infrastructure, expertise, consultation, and upkeep results in cost reduction and the potential for substantial returns on your IT outsourcing investment. Our IT Support services are strategically designed to not only spare you expenses but also alleviate concerns right from the outset.

Free up your internal resources

Installing and maintaining your own hardware, software, security and backup systems is no small task. Entrusting this to Velox IT can free up your resources, time and budget, giving you space to focus on new projects, innovating and enhancing customer experience.

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